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About SafeTrax

SafeTrax proactively works with diverse companies to develop and organize regulatory safety programs. We take pride in our customers’ peace of mind knowing they have sound, individualized safety programs… programs that meet and even exceed compliance audits.

We are committed to satisfy the unique needs of each organization. From maintenance to management, SafeTrax Consultants work directly with you to produce outstanding compliance programs that employees easily participate in developing and implementing throughout your organization.

SafeTrax understands the complexities required of companies today. This is why we are driven to provide the necessary resources and tools for each client when working and living developed safety programs. Unlike programs that are purchased and placed on a shelf collecting dust until an auditor arrives, SafeTrax ensures that each program is designed to fit your organizational needs. We make it a point to work with companies who are committed to providing a safe work environment for their employees.

Our Consultants work directly with you to:

  • Organize facility and equipment information
  • Develop customized Safety Programs
  • Train employees to utilize SafeTrax Online (storing all pertinent information in ONE central, easy-to-use location)
  • Conduct regulated comprehensive safety audits
  • And much, much more

Let our Consultants help you today!

As part of our complete package, we have developed SafeTrax Online, a comprehensive Web-based solution that consolidates safety programs into ONE easy-to-access management system. Federal and State regulations demand safety programs be readily available and accessible, so let SafeTrax Online organize and disseminate that mandated information and transform your business processes into online applications for regulatory information… available on demand!

SafeTrax goes beyond providing canned safety programs… we individualize all of your safety program needs.

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