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SafeTrax Presents at IARW Meeting

09/19/2006 | 12:51 AM
SafeTrax was recently asked by the IARW to present at the Pacific/Northwest chapter meeting held in September at The Coeur D'Alene Resort in Idaho.

What a great opportunity for us to meet with new and old friends. We were extremely excited to present the many wonderful features and consultative services SafeTrax offers.

Sandie Hitchcock took the podium while Jeff Hansen navigated the site. Sandie noted that SafeTrax was initially developed to help customers that housed anhydrous ammonia and had Process Safety Management, Risk Management Programs. Yet, as time and customer needs changed--so did SafeTrax. Sandie mentioned that SafeTrax Online stores equipment information, tracks preventative maintenance, helps customers conduct audits or regulatory inspections, and also assigns employee's tasks then monitor actions taken and time deadlines.

Jeff explained the database storage details and answered questions regarding implementation of SafeTrax. Jeff also explained and demonstrated to the audience SafeTrax's tracking features when tracking employees and regulatory issues.

Sandie noted that anyone can easily navigate through SafeTrax. She explained SafeTrax was developed with the end-user in mind and with the help of engineers and maintenance employees. This was backed by Bill Friend, General Manager, Henningsen Cold Storage-Richland, Wa. He stated that he was an "index finger only typist' and he found SafeTrax easy to navigate and administer.

Sandie and Jeff demonstrated the ease of inspecting, auditing, or conducting Process Hazard Analysis' through SafeTrax, but they didn't stop there, they went on to show that SafeTrax not only stores documentation, SafeTrax tracks assignments made during these inspections by sending emails out to persons assigned various tasks. What a great feature to track pending items.

They could not explain all of the AWESOME features SafeTrax can do for a company, but they did cover enough to let audience members know SafeTrax is a one-stop-compliance-shop.

Many companies such as VersaCold, Atlas Cold Storage, SeaFreeze, Seattle Cold Storage, Henningsen Cold Storage, Terminal Merchants, Unicold were well represented during our presentation and we want to thank them for their questions, comments and testimonials.

Once the presentation was over, we knew audience members were very excited about SafeTrax since most all attendees approached both Sandie and Jeff after the presentation and requested brochures.

We would like to thank IARW and its members for having us as presenters and we look forward to seeing you all again.