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The SafeTrax Preventative Maintenance Program

01/28/2008 | 2:28 PM
GRESHAM, OR-January 28, 2008- SafeTrax is proud to announce the upcoming release of a preventative maintenance program to integrate and coincide with SafeTrax Online. The SafeTrax Preventative Maintenance Program will help you track and monitor scheduled and nonscheduled maintenance on equipment. It is unique in that it allows you to seamlessly integrate your safety program and preventative maintenance... bringing them together, as they should be.

The SafeTrax Online Preventative Maintenance Program was created using feedback from a preventative maintenance advisory board, which consists of existing and potential customers, on how to best track and maintain equipment. SafeTrax took that feedback and over the past eight months has been building a preventative maintenance program on the solid SafeTrax Online framework, making the preventative maintenance module seamless with the existing components. With the input of the advisory board, we can assure our customers that as the module nears completion it will be what is needed and wanted for an ideal preventative maintenance and safety program.

Part of the appeal of the SafeTrax Preventative Maintenance Program is its unique bottom-up approach, which allows you to create maintenance procedures using a work order accessed in SafeTrax Online. The procedures can involve as few as zero or as many steps as necessary. So that the maintenance is done in a timely and cost-effective manner, the work order allows you to state an estimated time for completion and specify the parts and tools needed for proper maintenance. Once a work order is created, it is assigned to the appropriate employee in the system and can then be tracked by management to insure completion.

Further, the SafeTrax Preventative Maintenance Program allows you to create a maintenance group (or several) and assign equipment to that group that fit into the type of maintenance to be performed, and then apply procedures to that maintenance group. This allows for quick and easy assignment of common procedures to equipment rather than creating several equipment work orders for the same procedure. A single piece of equipment can belong to several maintenance groups depending on what type of maintenance services it needs.

Below are some of the features the new preventative maintenance module provides:

* One online location for creating, assigning, and tracking the completion of work orders
* Ability to schedule preventative maintenance days, weeks, months... even years in advance
* Simple yet powerful interface for assigning equipment to maintenance groups
* The ability for management to track man-hours on maintenance work orders, as well as the consumption of parts
* Seamless integration with the SafeTrax Online Safety Program

SafeTrax is proud to expand its SafeTrax Online product to include this work order and preventative maintenance module, as it will greatly benefit our customers. SafeTrax plans to roll out our Preventative Maintenance Program in April 2008.