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Comprehensive Safety Compliance Programs

As Part of Your Team, We Build Customized Safety Compliance Programs!

Do you have all the mandated safety information required by State and Federal regulators? If not… no worries! SafeTrax Consultants work with you to assess, create, and implement living safety programs that function on every level, with each employee.

SafeTrax Consultants work closely with you to assemble current safety information and develop a working safety compliance program that is easy to implement and that consists of all regulatory elements. We know that…

  • Safety information must be tailored to each company and not just “pencil whipped”!
  • No two safety programs are alike, so each program is personalized
  • Employee participation is the hub of implementing well rounded safety programs

Let us help you when:

  • Auditing your current Safety Programs for deficiencies
  • Administering discrepancies and have us help navigate you toward safety compliance
  • Combining facility, equipment, and personnel information into one, easy-to-use ONLINE program
  • Tracking assignments and providing due dates with completion dates and notes of actions taken
  • Performing mandated OSHA and EPA audits (e.g., General Safety audits, Process Hazard Analyses, Process Safety Management and Risk Management audits, and much more!)

We provide a customized program that:

  • Alerts you when safety programs are due for annual certification
  • Emails you when Standard Operating Procedures are due for annual certification
  • Tracks safety committee meetings and agendas
  • manages all facility information
  • Helps you develop a comprehensive facility and equipment program for preventative maintenance, auditing, customizing, and monitoring all necessary information needed for a comprehensive safety program

Let us demonstrate what SafeTrax can do for you.

Choose one of the following SafeTrax Consulting services for more information:

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