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SafeTrax wants to help place you on a higher level of comprehensive compliance. To do so, SafeTrax Safety Consultants work for you to conduct the many mandated OSHA and EPA audits, as well as those required by other regulatory agencies:

We perform the following (and more):

  • Process Hazard Analysis (PHA)
  • EPA's Voluntary Policing Program audits
  • General Safety Audits
  • CalARP governing body audits
  • Process Safety Management (PSM) three-year audit
  • Risk Management Process (RMP) 5-year analysis audit

SafeTrax works with various administrating agencies in conducting specified facility audits.

We work with you or your governing agencies to perform comprehensive audits – ensuring that employees participate. We then use SafeTrax Online to document the following:

  • Audit date
  • Team names and background
  • Audit questions pertinent to your facility
  • Team recommendations we’ve provided
  • Employee assignments
  • Email reminders
  • Due dates
  • Completion dates
  • Actions taken
  • Tracked changes
  • History documentation
  • Storage of audits for the life of the process

SafeTrax provides vital State and Federal mandated information, offering agencies detailed audit documentation.