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Preventative Maintenance

We Can Show You How to Avoid Common Citations... BEFORE They Arise

OSHA is citing more companies for incompetent, inadequate Preventative Maintenance and Mechanical Integrity programs. Why? Because of…

  • Inadequate documentation
  • Lack of employee participation
  • Outdated maintenance records
  • Inability to locate existing safety programs or records.

In the past we’ve found that clients almost always had to access two or three programs/locations to retrieve information about equipment, inventory, maintenance and training... what a pain!

SafeTrax consultants work with you to build a complete, concise Preventative Maintenance and Mechanical Integrity Program that will impress you, your employees, and auditors, as well. We help you avoid the common (and not so common) pitfalls for which companies tend to get cited.

SafeTrax Thinks Outside the Box

Some companies tie you into a Preventative Maintenance or Mechanical Integrity program that is not tailored to your needs… a canned product! Why follow this model when we custom-design your programs.

With help from our clients and associates, we’ve developed a program that is so comprehensive – we never say ‘complete’ because technology and regulations are always changing. We continually bridge the gap between the ever-changing regulatory to the revolutionizing technology world.

The key to our business is tailored, customized programs that fit each client's needs. In fact, most maintenance programs are not tied into your company’s safety programs. SafeTrax is designed to ALWAYS tie safety into all levels of equipment, facility, training, and employee information.

Our Web-based application, SafeTrax Online, provides one place to house all of your facility and equipment information, as well as necessary employee documentation.

Just think of the ease and cost efficiency when employees access just one central location for compliance information instead of running from place to place to retrieve it.

SafeTrax options include:

  • Equipment Inventory
  • Parts Inventory
  • Scheduled Maintenance
  • Work Orders
  • Associated Maintenance Costs
  • Replacements
  • Usage
  • Associated Equipment
  • And much more!

Don't get caught with an OSHA citation when SafeTrax can help you avoid it!