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Process Safety Management, Risk Management and CalARP Programs

SafeTrax Serves as an Integral Part of Your Employee Team

PSM, RMP and CalARP programs can be a handful to develop, organize, and implement. SafeTrax Consultants bring organizational and management skills to your business.

Perhaps you have part of a program, or a program that doesn’t fit your growing needs. Or perhaps you have a program that was once written for your organization and now you are discovering that it is inadequate. Let SafeTrax work with you to create a (PSM, RMP, or CalARP) program that is organized, comprehensive, concise, and easy to manage.

We work quickly to centralize and organize mandated safety information. We assess existing programs, make recommendations, track assignments, provide due and completion dates, and include documented actions taken. And as always, the programs we develop are easily implemented throughout your entire organization whether one facility or several facilities in various locations.

Here is a just a small sampling of what we do:

  • Assess your needs (this is stated as an AUDIT and can count as your mandated OSHA three-year audit)
  • Work closely with employees to ensure all vital information is included
  • Become part of your company – we consider ourselves part of your team
  • Work with you to develop and create “living” Safety (including PSM/RMP or CalARP) Programs, including associated equipment, training, and employee information
  • Conduct Process Hazard Analyses
  • Ensure that vital information is uploaded and stored to your secure SafeTrax Online account
  • Provide 24/7 support

We are thorough, thus, we ask clients to invite OSHA, EPA, or local administering agencies to audit us. We want auditors to be part of your PSM/RMP programs! Why wait for auditors to scrutinize your programs when we can work with them during the building process and get their buy-in? (And we always end up getting their encouragement!)

Let SafeTrax help you become a model for Process Safety Management, Risk Management Program, CalARP, or any necessary Safety Program... not a citation!

We Come Highly Recommended

Auditors are impressed with us. One auditor said: “SafeTrax is the most comprehensive and complete safety program I have seen. By the end of the audit process, I was adding items into the program and became part of the process!”

Another auditor said, “SafeTrax is detail based… I wish all of the facilities we audit could have this program.”

Yet another auditor commented, “I am greatly impressed with SafeTrax, SafeTrax Consultants, and SafeTrax Online. I could locate all of the company’s information in one easy location and was always able to talk with your consultants. SafeTrax was vital to the success of the audits I conducted.”

Interested in more? Ask us for references!