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Consolidate Safety with SafeTrax Online Management Solutions!

SafeTrax Online is a comprehensive Web-based solution that consolidates safety programs into one easy-to-access management system.

Federal and State regulations demand Safety Programs be readily available and accessible, so let SafeTrax Online disseminate information and transform your business processes into online applications for regulatory information… available on demand!

SafeTrax Online was developed with the help of end-user employees. Using their input, SafeTrax securely stores all safety management components into a simple, yet reliable online format that everyone can use… from dock personnel and office staff to management. SafeTrax Online will help your company breeze through the toughest audits.

What would happen if a fire or catastrophe occurred at one of your facilities? How would you provide regulatory agencies with mandated safety compliance information? SafeTrax Online alleviates the problem because it is an online application. Thus, it is always accessible… whether onsite or off, during business hours or not, information can be accessed at any time and in any event!

SafeTrax works to make managing safety programs effortless and uncomplicated. Having all of your safety information in ONE, easy-to-use system frees up your valuable time. Here is just a sample of information you can store on SafeTrax Online:

  • Equipment: keeps record of facility equipment details, as well as custom attributes and predefined information.
  • Standard Operating Procedures: tracks standard operation procedures with associated tasks and certifies those SOPs; includes printer-friendly worksheets.
  • Facility(ies) History: logs all actions for later viewing and can be viewed by equipment, SOP, TOS, user, facility, etc.
  • Forms and Documentation: stores and organizes company documentation and uploads company-specific forms; SafeTrax templates are available with this feature.
  • Internal/External Audits: stores previous audits and manages templates for multiple types of audits (OSHA, EPA, PSM, etc). The system creates and retains compliance checklists and automatically sends audit assignment email reminders.
  • Employee Training: upload custom training modules or you can select from a database of templates. SafeTrax  stores employee training history and progress

SafeTrax Online also …

  • Tracks technical operating specifications, including operating limits and safety controls
  • Stores all Piping and Instrumentation Diagrams associated with equipment
  • Meets mechanical integrity requirements for annual equipment inspections and testing
  • Includes preventative maintenance to record equipment expenses and upcoming maintenance
  • Tracks Process Safety Information document completion
  • Consolidates the placement of Material Safety Data Sheet management information
  • Retains an image library of your equipment
  • Stores user files that can be accessed from anywhere
  • Manages an unlimited number of facilities
  • Allows for easy administration and management of all program aspects and comes with multiple preset access levels (custom access levels are available)

Technical Specifications:

  • Secure: SSL encryption provides secure data transmission
  • Redundant: multiple servers ensure uptime
  • Back-up: nightly backups of all information – on and off site

SafeTrax Online is available independent of SafeTrax services, making the online application perfect for independent consultants and contractors in helping manage their clients’ programs.


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